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ORA-12537 and Role Separation in 11gR2 RAC

In 11gR2 when you set up your cluster and RAC database with different OS users, you may get ORA-12537 when connecting to the database through SCAN listener. Listener and SCAN listeners are started in grid infrastructure home, which is owned by a different OS user from RDBMS home owner. In such configuration two things can … Continue reading

Only One SCAN VIP Configured after RAC Install

Three IP addresses are defined in DNS. But only one SCAN VIP is configured. % nslookup git1-scan Non-authoritative answer: Name:    git1-scan Addresses:,, List SCAN VIP by: % crsctl stat res -t This problem is caused by /etc/hosts lists all three SCAN IPs and search order defined in nsswitch.conf is file, dns. /etc/hosts … Continue reading

Check Syntax with RMAN Script

As of 11gR2, Oracle RMAN does not have “exit on error” capability. This cause some problems when you run rman tasks through scripts. Below is a real-life example of such problem. A rman cloning shell script dynamically generates a rman script to do database restore and recovery. The generated rman script looks like this: run … Continue reading