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Only One SCAN VIP Configured after RAC Install

Three IP addresses are defined in DNS. But only one SCAN VIP is configured.

% nslookup git1-scan

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    git1-scan

List SCAN VIP by:

% crsctl stat res -t

This problem is caused by /etc/hosts lists all three SCAN IPs and search order defined in nsswitch.conf is file, dns. /etc/hosts file is not able to handle 3 ip address associated with single hostname.

To fix the problem:

1) Comment out SCAN entries in /etc/hosts files on all nodes.

2) As grid owner (usually grid, if not oracle) stop scan listener and scan

%<Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/ srvctl stop scan_listener
% <Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/srvctl stop scan

3) As user root modify scan and scan listener to pick up other two IPs

%<Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/ srvctl modify scan -n git1-scan
% <Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/srvctl modify scan_listener -u

4) Asgrid owner start scan and scan listener

%<Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/ srvctl start scan
% <Grid_ORACLE_HOME>/bin/srvctl start scan_listener

5) “crsctl stat res -t” to check and make sure all three SCAN VIP are up running


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I am an Oracle DBA, working in Oracle database since version 7.3. Worked in both application development and production support. Many experiences in real world complicate problems and database projects. This blog serves as a collections of notes I write on my database studies as well as issues I encountered/solved. Your comments are well welcome.


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