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Data Guard 11g’s Automatic Gap Resolution and ORA-16401 Error

A log file gap occurs whenever a primary database continues to commit transactions while the LNS process has ceased transmitting redo to the standby database. This can happen when the network or the standby database is down and your Data Guard protection mode is not Maximum Protection. The primary database’s LGWR process continues writing to … Continue reading

ASM cp Command to Remote Disk Group

ASM cp command allows you to copy files between Oracle ASM disk groups and between a disk group and the operating system. Oracle ASM disk groups can be local or remote. Syntax cp source_file [rem_connect_str:]target_file cp [rem_connect_str:]source_file target_file The rem_connect_str is in the form user@host[.port_number].SID with default port number of 1521. cp cannot copy files between … Continue reading