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ASM cp Command to Remote Disk Group

ASM cp command allows you to copy files between Oracle ASM disk groups and between a disk group and the operating system. Oracle ASM disk groups can be local or remote. Syntax cp source_file [rem_connect_str:]target_file cp [rem_connect_str:]source_file target_file The rem_connect_str is in the form user@host[.port_number].SID with default port number of 1521. cp cannot copy files between … Continue reading

ASM Mirroring

Redundancy Level The type of a ASM disk group is based on three redundancy levels: Normal ASM provides two-way mirroring by default. A loss of one ASM disk is tolerated. Use can optionally choose three-way or unprotected mirroring for a file in a NORMAL redundancy disk group. A file specified with HIGH redundancy (three-way mirroring) … Continue reading