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ORA-12537 and Role Separation in 11gR2 RAC

In 11gR2 when you set up your cluster and RAC database with different OS users, you may get ORA-12537 when connecting to the database through SCAN listener. Listener and SCAN listeners are started in grid infrastructure home, which is owned by a different OS user from RDBMS home owner. In such configuration two things can … Continue reading

Only One SCAN VIP Configured after RAC Install

Three IP addresses are defined in DNS. But only one SCAN VIP is configured. % nslookup git1-scan Non-authoritative answer: Name:    git1-scan Addresses:,, List SCAN VIP by: % crsctl stat res -t This problem is caused by /etc/hosts lists all three SCAN IPs and search order defined in nsswitch.conf is file, dns. /etc/hosts … Continue reading